Monday, April 02, 2018

Dear You... For You and Your People.

Dear You,
Sitting there in front of the secretary getting inquiries about the institution, I knew I could tell her my heart- my dream's.
We've all had that knowing feeling, when you meet someone for the first time and you just know you can be open to this person. You pour out your heart for the person to see. Unashamed.
And I did that. I told her why I was sitted there. I let her know my dreams and how being there was only another piece of the puzzle I needed to complete the picture of my dream life.
After much talking and communication, and exchange of love♥ in between (sometimes only words exchanged can make strings connect from our hearts to another's heart), she told me, 'I feel like I'm looking at myself right now.' She said to me that we were so alike.
And at that moment, I began to admire her. The way she talked walk looked and dressed.
And now, I realize that there are so many people who are just like me out there.
Those who stand strong on their decisions. Those who never want to be among the crowd so they avoid the reigning trends.
People like you who know the reality of life but still awe at the face of God in every single moment when His creating seems extra special. Like when you wake by dawn, slowly watching the sun rise.
Or when you go out into the cold night and watch the moon and stars, how pretty they are, how they light up the night sky. Twinkling beautifully, beautifully.
Never ignore, even for a moment, simple things. Conversations with friends. Stories you hear. The life of others. The dream of others. Their every mannerisms. People hopes and desires.
Never ignore for a moment all these simple, out of the way things. Its in them you find purpose for your life...
So I admired the secretary of the institution I visited. I watched her very mannerisms, carefully storing them in my heart so I can become a better version of myself.
And the world is strange to people like you. Because you never understand them.
You don't understand why little moments of awe-ing at the face of God never moves them.
You don't understand why being with the crowd- or fitting in matters so much to them.
You don't understand why its so hard for them to be who they really are. Even if they add to their own mannerisms they add the wrong manners.
You don't understand them because you are different.
You stop and look around you sometimes. And see your surroundings in need of love.
You know the world doesn't revolve around you.
You believe that if you do something- even the smallest act of love, it would somehow shake or move the world.
You are focused more on how to Change the world than you are of how others see you.
You make life better for others with the littlest deeds.
And these words I write are to the moment feelers, the soul shakers and world movers.
The words are to the heart touchers and those watch in awe.
These word are to me and You.
You can only live a worthy life when you decide to be different and focused on how to teach the world what love really is.
Cause love isn't acceptance from the crowd.
Love is the grace to make another persons life better, hope-filled, worthy. Like the secretary did to my life.
Love is abundant in your hands. You just have to share it with the world that is in need of it.
Sincerely yours,
Vickie Denyefa.

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