Saturday, August 18, 2018

Lovely Bae, its our journey_together_happiness part2 (on social media and moments)

Lovely Bae,
      This world is really confusing. In this world, it seems the
      only special moments are the social media worthy ones. They
      are moments when you know people will be like 'wow' after
      they see your photos during their routinely scroll. Maybe its
      appears a lie to me because I've never really shared
      something on social media that bought me 'wow's. Yes, moments
      like that are a lie. Two things make them a lie:
      - can't you live completely in that moment, getting all the
      grace, love and joy it brings, than trying to use it as tool
      to appear better and awesome?
      - And FYI, the special moments aren't the social media worthy
      ones. They are moments when passion marries love and they
      produce blissful babies; that is, every moment is special if
      lived mindfully with the whole heart poured into it.
      Okay, fine. I'm kind of introverted so it affects my interest
      in social media a bit. But the main reason I shrinked away
      from social media? Jealousy. And there's no way you'll walk
      up to me, convince me that you've never felt a twinge of
      jealousy towards anyone after more than a year of seriously
      exploring the hills and valleys of FB. I simply won't believe
      you, bae. It just won't happen.
      * I have the right to be happy. * Remember the phrase from
      part1 ? There will be times when social media will do that to
      you- it will rock you, letting the wind blow your cradle and
      you'll end up falling hard.
      In this journey, let's try not to rip away the things that
      bring us happiness. Social media- I can't explain it. But I
      know its disadvantage. It rips my happiness from my hands. I
      don't want to let it go. Just want learn how to 'be', to
      learn how to live mindfully in each moment, getting the
      happiness its results bring. That's what I want to do. Each
      and every moment; I want it to be special. I'll find bliss
      when I use passion to teach love a few tricks of action. It
      will be wonderful on its own, not for the likes on facebook,
      or the followers on instagram(wait o, do I even have
      instagram account? Shey, this is serious. Anyways). Wonderful
      on its own...
      Honestly yours,

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Anonymous said...

This so beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

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