Tuesday, January 08, 2019

How to make the most of life, 2019.

+ have your personal word of the year to push you past limits.

+ go into the deep. Be there & learn what it means to be inside of something- God, your dreams, the love you feel towards someone.

+ darkness can help you see the light...  and maybe the darkness is with you, and its kinda hard. Cause we both know ya Cain't get the happiness out of the dark. And you're scrambling for a spark that ain't anywhere near...  be the light baby.
If you believe it, then it's true- you are light. And there is light etched in the deep of our beings. Gotta let it shine.

+ so yeah, you've thought of it and you want to be light? Go after the things that steal your heart- that thing that leaves you thriving for a way to get started, that new way you've found to show the world how gifted and talented you are.
That is how it begins. That's how you let yourself be light. Not that simple to you? That's when you pray for guidance.

+ Those stuffs you secretly recorded in your mind to do last year; all them goals and stuff... be health concious, invest and make some cash... blah, blah, blah.
Maybe, just maybe you could let it all go and simply put your focus on the moments. Those are just goals you 'will' get to. But being here now; drinking more water, reading this, Laughing with friends, preparing a delicious meal with care for yourself...
It is so much better than living like life isn't lived until you're doing something about your goals.

+ let love turn you inside out. Don't fight it. Even I am not sure what it means, It just seems very valid. LOL.

+ let loose. Live life the way you love to no matter what people say or think. Live without regrets.

That is all. No need for a long sermon. We get the basics.


You're probably wondering where in the world of graced humans is #AAL issue #3. I apologize. It has been moved to next month. Why? Because apparently, I lost all the content I spent the whole of December preparing. (Crying). It was supposed to be the best issue  I've ever published. But now it's gone. Mysteriously deleted from my system. So, I'll just get on with life and try to put together what I lost.

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