Sunday, January 20, 2019

Take these steps towards a happier fuller life.

+ look at yourself in the mirror everyday and smile. Seeing your smiling reflection will make smiling easier to do (since you now know that you aren't ugly when you smile, you'll smile more.)

+ find a creative thing to do regularly that you enjoy. Baking, pottery, gardening, drawing, redecorating your home space, painting etc. It just cleanses your soul, you know? And also your mind. Actually, mainly your mind. I write all the above creative things from experience. They all really do the refreshing deed of cleansing your inner being. Honestly.

+ make time for yourself alone. One hour, 30 mins, 15 mins. Have a you time. Besides how can you get creative with people looking over your shoulder in the process?

+ so, you do know that your appearance plays as big role in self confidence when you're outside your home, right? I don't know about you sha, but the best part of going out for me is dressing up. That done well, I know I've taken a huge step towards confidence.

+ define you please. Know the things you love- color, fashion style, a part of nature, a form of courtesy-ing (okay, I just wrote this because I have run out of things to write. But thinking about it, it seems cool to have your own personal way to courtesy), etc. Let people know you by these things. Whether you wear makeup or not. Or you wear heels or not and all those girl stuff for my girl. Guy, you know you own stuff. Me doesn't know.

+ have a journal. Love the journal. Don't limit. Write anything you love or want to write in it. It ain't nobodies business if you want to write the silliest thing, or the deepest feelings in your heart, or if you just copy down words that aren't yours. It is your journal after all.

+ buy and keep a fountain pen around all the time.
Don't ask me why, I just love fountain pens. (& literally, I'm secretly waiting and hoping for someone to stop me on the way one of these days to ask for my autograph. #fountainpenautographing. #imaginationrunwild.)

+ and of course, it is impossible for me to forget this one. Candle lights. I have a small honey jar where I keep the candle in to make it look as special and as classic as it should.
It's for those nights when you put aside all that your brain is begging you to focus on in life to just live in the moment... the life in the fire, how the fire breathes and dances, the brightness- your life is so much like this life, this living fire.

+ run away from toxic people. The people you stay around can either make you or break you (I think I've heard that somewhere.)
There is one special and unique friend out there who is meant to be your best friend.  That person loves and accepts you for who you are, flaws and all. Find that person, when you do, never let go of that person. No matter what.
That person is out there, I promise. Believe it. (& I rarely make promises like HB, too.)

That it.

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