Wednesday, February 06, 2019

(Becoming...) Best Ways to Spend Your Galentines' Day.

I still can't believe it's February, and Valentine is just around the corner.
I keep asking myself-
' is this the person you thought you'd be? From back then, when the imagination was fresh and new, is this where you wanted be?'
I haven't gone back to last year yet. I haven't reflected on all the graces that fell on me last year despite the fact that I didn't become all I wanted to become. I've been stalling because I'm afraid that reflection will dig out the hidden parts.
I remember last years 5  Nights of Glory. The best part for me was filling 2018 Expectation form. There were so many goals, prayers for God to see and nod His head, approving;
"Yes Victoria. Your goals are beautiful. You can do this, just trust me."
To be realistic, I fulfilled the goals, it just wasn't in the way I expected it to be.
Lately I've been thinking that maybe I got it wrong...
You have the goals in written form, you work towards them, but you don't let them rule you.
You let the expectations take homage in your heart- fill it with love- but you don't let it matter most. Heck, it matters a lot; acknowledge that. But there are little things that matter more. Little things that fill your days with content.
Showing up for the people God has placed around you.
Being fully in the moment as you cook or draw or write or listen to the music or watch the movie, or sit opposite a soul that needs your full self without pretence
Taking the time to read this calmly, openly.
You are becoming. And your becoming is beautiful, but don't focus so much on your becoming and forget how far you've come, don't forget who you have become.
Right now that it feels like a hundred miles between you and your goals, that your expectations remain expectations, you are where you need to be. Believe me. Your goals are not what determines where you should be.
That aside.
Everyone is obviously engrossed in Valentine. I am very excited about it myself. But this one is not about that.
This one is for my girl. The one who values her friends.
No. Not a typo and you read well. Galentine's day. Its a day for friends to do just that- be friends. And I am seriously over my head about get togethers, so this should be fun.
+ have a karaoke evening.
+ picnics are always the best. All you need are bananas, groundnuts and a milk drink (my elder brother loves the normal evaporated tin milk. And I tell you- it is utterly delicious).
+ I don't know about you, but I never say no to vintage thrift shopping. Who doesn't want to explore all the ways you can look amazingly stylish?
+ as boring as it seems (trust me, it's not), you & your friend(s) can just spend the whole day reading a short novella and then talk about it later that evening at a small bar while having drinks. EPIC!
+ movies. You could watch movies instead if you or you friend(s) are not a fan of books. Everybody loves movies, me right?
That's all I give away. The bottom line is that you make sure to have a fun and enjoyable day.

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