Victoria Ige

This is about the 100th time I’m writing this about you post. Its not easy at all.
There’s nothing much to me. Honestly, I’m just a girl who longs for attention, good attention mind you. An attention that means I’m doing a good job with my life – loving, living, breathing, believing, learning, teaching...
I think that’s all there is to me; to live doing the things I love and enjoy(making them an essential part of my life), meeting people, learning to love a little deeper(with myself and others), being fully me - no pretense, being a blessing to the world, and being right where I’m needed at the right time. It’s a war, all of it. Some battles I win, some I don’t. Simple, there’s no perfect life.
So, that’s me. How about you? Email - victoriaigeboo@gmail.com Use the mantra I’m using_ be vulnerable and fully yourself. It’s a grace to read an email from you; to know you in any tiny way. It is a grace, really. I’m waiting by my inbox (literally).
yellow mug, sweetned chocolate coffee, flowers, sunglasses, teddy bear, journal and pen, camera, red nail polish, art, #emailletters, #princessstar, you, you, you... and et cetera baby.
its simply;
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